Yin didn't create yang

No positive being can create a negative one.

Yang can create yang, it can even create yin although it will create it unable to do anything against it.

But yin can’t create yang.

Psychopaths put us here, no being of love, positivity, or yin created any human being or animal or even dinosaur.

Where did the negative come from? I don’t know, i guess it was just there or naturally came about somehow. But the love didn’t create it.

Makes perfect sense now actually. We’ve been created by psychos, pure evil, who else would have done it. And whether you are good or bad if you are human you got f#$%ed by them. They really screwed you guys over to.

There is no “God”. But there are other beings, some are yin and some are yang, some are light and some are dark. It’s plausible that the dark, the negative, the yang, is the source of all things actually. I hope not.

I’ve seen proof that this earth was created. But who the f$%ck makes dinosaurs?! Animals?! Humans?! Psychos thats who, pure evil, darkest of the dark, the negative. Im not getting biblical here in fact i now believe entirely that book is horse manure and quite possibly was inspired by demonic entities, but it was created irregardless of any of that.

Could you imagine that? Psychopaths put you all here, only after creating some of the most screwed over beings to have ever existed, and then give you all rules which alot of them are punishable by death to live and die by as you make your way through this cursed hell hole.

The deep deep evil nessecary to create an animal is almost unfathomable actually, and to put them on this earth makes it even worse. The negative beings forced them into this as flesh and then freezed and burned them while they all ate and killed eachother!

No being of love or kindness or positivity or yin would have ever created the earth and it’s inhabitants.

El bible is horse manure, quran is horse manure, and all of the other books as well, it’s all just bullsh#$ actually.

I wonder if the yin even knows we are here. And why can’t they help any of us? Whats really going on here? Did the evil basstards that put us here make it so we could not be helped at all?

Oh well. We’re all completely fu#4ed aren’t we.

I’ve been coming to the conclusion lately that if we were created, it is by a neutral. That said, I believe in evolution and that we come from the smallest element with confidence.

I was just trying to put into word how evil and good can exist in the same person or experience. I came to the conclusion that just as in science, something can be in two places at once or be described in two different ways (particle/wave). Until we know more, it just is.