YeeHaw! Are you ready to rock?

Just kidding. But these guys were one of the biggest acts around in the seventies. I remember that I liked them.

oh yes, the captain and tenille show…wow…“love…love will keep us together…” is the song I love by them. I hate hate hate muskrat love…haha…

hey man, is that freedom rock??? well turn it up man!" haha

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My oh my how music has evolved.

When i was but a wee lad they filled our heads with the sounds of heroin addicts and hopelessness. We were pelted with it day in and out. We had no idea really.

Now it’s nothing but songs about ■■■■■■■, none stop ■■■■■■■. crazy right? See what it does to a young mind?

Where will the industry take us next i wonder?