I'm very sorry

This isn’t your home as human beings.

It isn’t your mother and it isn’t your father either.

You are trespassing as human beings.

You came from a lineage of creation in a feud between others.

This planet is from our maker’s enemie’s line.

We were put here only to defile it.

We naturally gravitated to the center points and strongest leylines of earth simply just to set up camp and be what they hated and ■■■■ all over the place.

We are being used right now and we have devoured it all and wrecked it exactly as they had planned.

The human race is simply the super beast needed to smack the living ■■■■ out of someone else because this place is from them.

The quota is 45 billion total. They were planning on leaving us dead afterwards.

If anyone wishes they may be adopted into the family of the others.

We were orphans the entire time, we were all sacrificed for the war, we never knew what a home was from our births, and we were all unknowingly trespassing here.

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