Xbox One anyone?

If you have xbox one add calitoker90. We can make a party or you invite me :0) Thanks!

i cant afford a 'ONE",i hav a 360 though

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I prefer to PS4. And I am going to buy PS4.

I got 360 been trying get a Xbox one

I have got a PS4,but I play it not very regularly

Im playing Skyrim THE GREATEST game ever made and Fallout New Vegas which really stumps me because it is so technical.


carlmarkz add me. ill add u. what games u play?

Right now i’m playing halo and Saints Row IV


I’m a huge Skyrim fan…have also played Oblivion on PC. I own Fallout New Vegas and I agree I can’t get the hang of it.

have you heard of rocket league?

No, what is that?

its a physics based car soccer game. its a cheap, and fun game to play. look up youtube videos on it to see what its like. great game

U guys can add me my tag is role model.

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I have an xbox one but i dont really use it. I mainly use my ps4. I will be picking up halo wars 2 for xbox one when it comes out though

@pete75 i love skyrim. I love all those bethesda games. I recently finished fallout 4. Gonna play oblivion on pc next

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