Anybody here have an Xbox one?

I play allot of blops 3 , if u have an X1 add me my tag is role model

I wish I did… I just play games on my PC. I would get one but i’m in the process of saving and buying a… well let’s say expensive as all hell drumset.

My Son has one its really cool.
He gave me his xbox 360 that I play with sometimes in the winter when there is know and nothing to do.
But now that spring is in the air, I’m going outside to play.:grinning:

borderlands for free download second half of this month… It was the only good one. (rockets that shoot rockets)

I do but my brother stole it ;_; it’s back home now. I’ve got the PS3. Not that I ever have time to play games anymore…

I also have a ps3 and never seem to use it XD

I have xbox 1. I play battlefield 4. Just ordered GTA 5 which I had on the 360.

I have xbox one but I only have Wolfenstein: the new order, at the moment.
I had others but sold them (fighter within, cod)

I have only played single-player mode in the new order (Castle Wolfenstein).

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