Wrote something

I was always interested in physics of consciousness. I wrote some papers in 2011 and got them published in some low rung and paid journals. The papers contained my original thoughts. Those were I think peak of my creativity although I did not receive much critical acclaim for them.Now I am itching to do something like that again but I am not getting the ideas


Good to hear them Vicky …lately congrats For the paper u wrote in 2011 …i hope u could find another big ideas from god and nature…!!! Keep pushing…!!!:revolving_hearts:

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Hi @Vicky I am interested in being paid to write something about me or my thoughts :innocent: if i can help just let me know :slight_smile: also good luck !

Hi oneway I will let you know as soon as opportunity comes

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Right now i am feeling like i am on highway. Always wanted to be famous :smile: just kidding. Dont know what will happen but i am optimistic. Also i want to say that i am psychotic in my thoughts. I mean, look at me i am talking with you guys on this forum and i am from Europe. Maybe it’s just a part of my psychosis :smile: