Writing an article: for artists share a piece of art

Like in a previous post about the positives of schizophrenia, im writing an article that Im going to title “the beauty in the split mind” and i wanted to include some paintings or even poetry in the article. So if ud like to share a painting or a poem that might possibly get published then please POST IT. Though im limiting it to one post per person so choose wisely young padawans

Hmm can I share a piece of leather craft I made?
Like can I send in a picture of something

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Sure definitely

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I call it the Skull Star…I can get a better pic with another camera if you want :slight_smile: . Was made over the course of one week during an interesting time when I just tooled key-chains instead of leaving my room…


you can choose the one.

I’ll leave it up to you :slight_smile: depending on what you are going for with art. Some are freaky like the first some are nice like the last. THese were mostly given as gifts to people.

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