Wow people hate positivity so much

It’s really really freaky how much they hate it.

Down here they call negative good and positive bad.

I have to try and be more negative about things so that i fit in more.


Pan right now you’re like this :sunny: but you need to be like this :sun_with_face:

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The negative ones never got it really.

The ■■■■■■■ are always smiling aren’t they.

They get all frustrated when you step on their greed and then call you negative for doing so.

Now if you’ll excuse me im going to go cause the suicide of another coffee farmer and have another cup.

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I don’t think you can get more negative than you already are. I think you hold the world record for the free-style, twenty meter, endless negativity competition.


Interesting viewpoint -


Also worth mentioning that @77nick77 may have just scooped a Guinness World Record for understatement there.


hahahahaha! But I am with him though I can feel it too. The hatred is strong with these people. I choose peace over blood and oh yes there will be blood…

I love your humor, pans. I’m an optimist myself but I don’t mind your rants. I like reading them.