Would you quit smoking if you thought jesus was telling you to

Would you quit smoking if you thought jesus was telling you to?

It’s definitely a good idea to quit smoking.


I’ve been getting signs from God that I should quit for many years, but even that hasn’t stopped me. It’s pretty pathetic.


I have been geting sighns from jesus to quit and I didn’t now the voices are telling me iam the weakest being and going to hell

If I did smoke and I really thought Jesus was telling me to quit then yeah most likely I would quit, he did way harder things.

I gave up alcohol I’m not getting rid of the smokes. Maybe if God demanded it but not Jesus.

No. Once I tried to quit and I saw Krsna telling me to be kind with myself and that there’s no need for quitting.

Please see a psychologist @Jesse25.

I think oneday they going to induce specific delusions into the brain and get people to quit drugs that way.

I had a delusion they were monitoring me through cigs and never touched another one. Been 5 years i think. The mind is very powerful.

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If Jesus appeared in physical form, I think my first reaction would be to take a poop in my pants. After that, who knows?

Yes but that’s because im not a huge cigarette smoker. If he told me to quit my meds id say " ■■■■ Off Jesus…I know better than you"

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If it’s Jesus I would double the amount I :dash:

I couldn’t do it when that happened to me.

I didn’t until a few months after the Reaper tapped me on the shoulder
letting me know it was too late not to die of it

I would but I don’t smoke, but I think God has hinted to me to save money. For example, I would spend everything I have including my last penny. This would happen to me many times.

I think you should quit regardless of whether or not your voices are telling you to.

Depends on who Jesus is.

I’m surprised this is still open. :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

Nah, I’d smoke 3 packs a day to spite the useless fecker.