Quit a drug or ciggorets due to voices

Has any one quit a drug or smoking due to the voices telling them to quit like if the voices threaten you or some thing

Yes, couple hours later I returned to smoking anyway.

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I started quitting cigs during a psychotic break.

I finished quitting 3.5 years later.

I quit cigarettes one day, and i saw a vision of Krsna, with closed eyes, saying to keep on smoking

How many times did it take you to qiut

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A lot.

I started on the nicotine lozenge. But then I would buy packs intermittently.

3.5 years of going back and forth between the lozenge and ciggys I ended up quitting.

Did you ever quit a day in that time?

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No, Though it’s not a bad thing as if you are intoxicated they will start up there ■■■■ again,

I didn’t go nicotine free for a day until I joined the gym.

If you REALLY want to quit smoking taper down on a stop smoking aid until your down to almost no nicotine a day (this takes a long time) & join a gym.

I was probably getting some kind of relief from the nicotine. Then this was replaced by the endorphins from working out.

Actually I’m not sure how it chemically worked out for me… this is my BEST guess.

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If you wanna quit just have a family member hold your money and let them know your quitting whatever your quitting & no matter what keep the money away for atleast 2 weeks.

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