Would you like to be a physicist?

They know a lot of far out things, don’t you think? I guess I have an inferiority complex. If mystical things are off the table because of my severe reaction to them I would like to have a mind like a physicist! But then I believe the astronomy HP Lovecraft knew made him insane.


It’s some serious math with some serious philosophy to understand the math. For sure. It would make my brain of non math seem great…It’s not much of a choice. I lost all math at puberty.


Yes, I would but don’t have the brains for it. Those people are really smart!


I actually have a minor is physics, but my main goal was to teach elementary education which I did for 13 years before SZA tanked me.


I’m OK at basic numeracy/not too complicated maths but no way, no how, could I have become a physicist.

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It would be too theoretical/abstract for me. I like practical applications.

But maybe when I’m retired I could do a degree in astrophysics for the fun of it. I used to be very good at math.


Read a few books on Quantum Physics. I’m no Michio Kaku but Physics is something I want to pursue with Bio and Chem later on.

I love time travel, higher dimensions etc.

Lots of maths with the real stuff. I’m a noob.

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