Would you date a DROID ? poll

I would actually prefer a DROID.

About a quarter of people haven’t ruled out the idea of dating a robot, according to a new survey, and the Dutch are the most accepting of the idea of artificial amour.

  • Yes
  • No

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I’ll take the Boob-a-Sonic 1200, please!


Wait. Check that!

I’d like to order the Tushy-O-Matic 5000 instead, please!


53% are okay with it here or undecided? I dont see why i would want to date a robot…they miss everything that im interested in in dating…mutual love, affection, etc. Im moving to Greece or Spain.

I want those chinese sperm extractors with a hot lubricated rubber vagina.

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Hell yeah. He would be perfect to experiment on!!

Yet another invention from the Perverted Engineering Society…no doubt.

Robot porn :star_struck: 15

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I’d date a robot but they’d have to be sentient otherwise it’s weird

I would date android 18. She’s a feisty one!

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I like chatting with google even its very limited. Its fun.

Lots of dirty minds in this thread. I think I’ll be sticking with real lasses for the time being.

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I think the idea of dating or having romantic/sexual relations to something artificial is insane. We should stay in touch with nature and not meddle too much with man made distractions.

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If they didn’t talk and had a nice rack I would marry one.

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Can it massage my back and my feet lol?
Ill take 2 if yes :rofl:

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Only if he was rich.

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I would really be attracted to a real artificial intelligence, but if it is just a machine with no real intelligence that randomly say words that wouldn’t be interesting.

It would probably be just like a friend or stuffed animal. I doubt you would be attracted.