Would you be mad about this?

Would you be mad if you found out that your spouse had been monitoring your online activity? Yes, this happened to me…not anything too bad, just lots of crazy stuff and some porn. It makes me furious thinking about it. Would you be upset too? (We’re already divorced…I’m just looking back).

I would monitor my spouse if I suspected porn, or bad occult stuff…and in fact i did sort of spy on my late wife, and what I found in some files was shocking. (Dark Occult stuff)
partners should be open. And if someone is married i don’t see the necessity of porn…i know some married people look at it but it makes no sense to me at all.
I know if I looked at porn i would be in big doo doo with most of the girls i’ve been with…

Well, I don’t look at porn anymore and I feel bad that I ever did. But the violation of privacy upsets me and makes me more paranoid. I wouldn’t do that to someone unless I thought I had a pedophile living in my house or something.

I had a very jealous and paranoid partner who not only secretly monitored my computer habits, but also did some extensive sleuthing on my entire personal life.

He knew where all of my friends lived and worked. Knew my family’s background. Somehow got ahold of my school records. And even contacted the state nursing board about me.

I felt very violated and exposed. It was just plain creepy. I think anyone who does this type of thing is clearly paranoid and not what I would consider a stable partner.

I’m sorry this happened to you. (And to me lol) I hope it never happens again!



I would rather say what a waste of time. I mean what kind of good it’s going to bring in your life if you decide to monitor someone’s private life. Spying is just a way not to let your past go. It’s the only life you have in this world. Be constructive; do something good or something that could be beneficial in a long run.

I wouldn’t be mad but be pity on the person’s mentality. S\he is the suffering one indeed.

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I wouldn’t feel terribly upset about it. I don’t hide my browser history nor password protect a screensaver. Anyone in the house could just get on and see what I’ve been up to and I don’t mind.

My nieces and nephews used to come visit and I’d let them on the computer. There’s nothing I’d be upset that anyone, including the kids, would see.

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Same here, I have nothing to hide…

That’s good, I too am trying to not do anything I’d feel like I would need to hide. Mostly it’s just my symptoms I try to keep hidden, but that’s mostly what my life is about. Even the porn thing was because of a reaction to some medicine…caused increased libido. Now if I was the kind of person to cheat, then she would have had a reason to spy.

I would ask the person directly before snooping. Actually when i found my wifes stuff it was in a file where we shared pics and other stuff. We shared the computer, didn’t have separate password accessible programs like some couples do, so it was just a random find.
the snooping came after that when she kind of downplayed it yet i could tell from things in the house it was much deeper, so when i actually went into the files and read details i saw it was very heavy dark occult stuff.
I didn’t particularly like doing it, but there was a lot at stake, and i would say that stuff was far more dangerous than porn.

Well, at this point in my life I would agree with that. I wouldn’t want any occult stuff happening in the house I lived in. I would say that’s a good reason to be worried too.

My ex used to grab my phone from me at random and go through everything. It was horrible. Don’t ever do that to someone if you want them to stay with you. It will poison your relationship.

Could you be more specific as to what she had filed?

What was she looking at?