Would wellbutrin help reverse the effects of invega?

I believe I’m experiencing loss of pleasure and loss of libido from the invega shot. Would wellbutrin be effective in reversing the effects of the invega?

I take abilify and also take wellbutrin. The wellbutin helps a lot with lethargy from antipsychotics, in my experience.

Would it help cure a loss of pleasure in activities and loss of libido?

Wellbutrin helped reverse the sexual side effects I was getting from geodon so it could help you too.

“Cure” is a strong word, but it should definitely help those side effects

I’m thinking of trying Wellbutrin actually with hopes it will improve my alogia. I’m on abilify and I feel like one medication might counteract the effects of the other, or the abilify will decrease the dopamine if wellbutrin tries to increase it. goyankees got psychotic on wellbutrin, and the worst always seems to happen to me so maybe that will happen to me too. The other option is a newr antidepressant trintellix. it changed my sexual functioning in the opposite way compared to ssris, i was able to get aroused but i was finishing very fast. that has lasted to this day. but it improved my cognitive functioning and i was able to go back to community college and get great grades.

I am currently dealing with serious sexual disfunction from invega. Could you tell me how long did it take for wellbutrin to reverse the sexual side effecs from geodon? I feel really hopeless right know. I want to give a try to wellbutrin, i cant stand this anymore. I am stopping my invega next week and start the detox process ( is injective). It will take a while but i really need my sexual functions back. Help me please

Have you tried wellbutrin? did it brought back your sexual functions ?

It was pretty much right away for me. Also just a warning I don’t know if this will work for everyone. I hope you can figure out this issue soon.

I felt dumber on Wellbutrin (same with Cymbalta but with less severity). I don’t know why. I did have slightly more energy and motivation on Wellbutrin but I think it may have caused me to become more unstable. I’m sza/sz/bipolar. When I first started Wellbutrin, I did reduce my smoking but it doesn’t do much anymore.

I heard effexor was good/powerful but I don’t think my doctor would let me try it lol.