worsening condition due to benzo withdrawal anyone else?

I used to take 2mg risperdal now with benzo withdrawals I take 6mg

Welcome to the forum. I have had no problems with benzos. :koala::koala::koala:

Personally, I have done several cessation syndromes and several withdrawals from different substances and behaviors.

I gather benzo withdrawals are pretty intense. It might help to titrate down rather than go cold turkey all at once

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Welcome to the forums. You’re going to have to give us more details if you want help.

What benzo, what dose, what are your symptoms, how long have you been withdrawing for?

About 1.5 years ago I had benzo withdrawals from 0.5mg/day of clonazepam…I slowly tapered down my dose over a period of about 4 months then still had 3 weeks of withdrawals.I’ve also had withdrawals from antipsychotics and antidepressants.

Now, a year and a hlaf later, for another reason, I am taking clonazepam again, this time 1.5mg/day. If I ever go off it again I expect to have withdrawals all over again.

The best method is to taper (lower the dosage) your benzo slowly. The standard advice is to reduce your dosage by 10% of your previous dosage every 4 weeks until you get down to a tiny amount and then quit. But since everyone is different you have to judge how it is going for yourself, you may be able to reduce quicker or you might have to go slower.

If you are having a rough time reinstate the benzo and slowly lower your dose following the 10% rule.

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