Worrying and problem-solving are not the same

Worrying and problem-solving are not the same

• Worrying is an unhelpful and useless process, which focuses on future things that haven’t happened and
does not produce any real solutions

• Problem-solving is a practical and helpful process, which focuses on problems in the here-and-now, and
generates a clear plan of action

• When preparing to solve a problem, make sure:
 You have the right set up – set aside specific time (i.e., thinking time as part of worry
postponement), focus on only one problem, and put pen to paper
 There is a problem to be solved – a current problem in the here-and-now that you can do
something about

• The 6 steps to effective problem-solving are:

  1. Identify and define the problem
  2. Generate all possible solutions or options and choose a few
  3. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of your preferred solutions
  4. Decide on a specific plan of action, using one or a selection of the best solutions
  5. Put the plan into action
  6. Evaluate the outcome of your plan

• Remember, having a good action plan to deal with real problems in your life will minimise your need to
worry and reduce your general anxiety.

• Not all problems have a perfect solution. Problem solving is about finding options and actions to try to
deal with a problem. If you find that you aren’t reaching a helpful resolution or plan of action, then
maybe what you had first thought was a solvable problem, actually isn’t. If this occurs continue to
postpone worrying about the issue, with the recognition that worrying is a futile process.

Source: https://www.cci.health.wa.gov.au/Resources/Looking-After-Yourself/Worry-and-Rumination


You’re too analytical. My mind is disorganized and messy. Edit: was it a copy paste from the site you mention? I thought you wrote it

Regardless if you wrote it or not, it’s exactly how my analytical mind works, so it’s almost like I wrote your post myself! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Lol. I’m an amazing problem solver, but agree, there is not always a perfect solution. There are also times where the solution requires some kind of compromise or sacrifice a person isn’t easily ready to make, as is the case in a dilemma I’m going thru. I’d rather face the dilemma than give all my dogs up. Plus, they are a significant source of income for me as a professional dog breeder. Money aside… they are the only kids I have and I love them!

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