My dad told me that "life" is about solving problems

I think about it every now and then. He was right, If you think about it. Everyone one on these forums comes here to solve some kind of problem. And in real life everybody is dealing with something. Money, sex, power; how to get these is a problem a lot of people are trying to solve.


Sometimes it’s figuring out what the problem is, at the the source.


That is the Practical way of looking at life (more business like)…you manipulate and make your life “work”…which is not the way life ACTUALLY works.

I make music cuz I enjoy it. I don’t think everything has to be a problem. You can argue for finite details as to why…boredom? But I’d only be a little more bored if I didn’t do it.

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What is 987654321 / 123456789 / 8 =?

Roughly 1 :wink:


OK,… so we just have to get rid of that rough spot.

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Well done sir !!!

Where is that damn sand paper ???

’ ikea ’ furniture can never be solved …:smiley: !?!
take care :alien:

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