Worried about tomorrow

i’m really worried about tomorrow as i have my class then :frowning:

i am really worried, all those new people at close quarters :frowning: i get very nervous

You need one special thing, it takes some practice but i think you can do it.

It’s called “not giving a sh#t.” This is a very valuable skill in many situations.


I get really nervous about stuff like this too. Whether it’s a class or public speaking or even an appointment with a new doctor…I get really very nervous.

I really don’t consider myself the best giver of advice but hey you’ll do fine. What I would keep in mind is that it’s a new class for everyone there…they are all walking into a room full of people they don’t necessarily know right? You’ll do just fine…


hi yeah I get this too like stress the day before something social like that, just remember why your there to get educated etc as long as you don’t hurt anyone you can do what you like. tc

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Focus on getting a goodnight sleep - Search on the net for sleep hygiene.

A good night sleep helps so much and things always look better in the morning.


I hope your class goes Ok. I am sending the best possible vibes I can.

I hope you have stuff arranged ahead of time so when you get home you can take it easy and catch up to yourself.

Wishing you luck.


thanks for the help guys, man i am just so stressed right now with things i woke up way to early like 530am tossing and turning thinking and worrying about money and things its just too much, sweeps dad has had to go into a care home and we are both really worried about funding for it etc.

i think it might give me something to get off of my chest if i have to talk about anything today if i don’t implode and then there is the tv which is talking about isis and terrorism all the time and i just wish it all just went away.

I always try to look for an aisle seat. More breathing and leg room that way, and a quick escape.


Don’t worry daydreamer you’ll be fine…Just don’t get it too much on your nerves. I tell you a secret, more or less your classmates would also be worrying in the same way :wink: Just chill and take it easy :slight_smile: Good luck

Sorry @pansdisease that reply was not for your post :slight_smile: I was actually going to appreciate you on what you had advised daydreamer but then thought of replying daydreamer first. And messed up with the posts… :frowning: I hope I am making sense :slight_smile:


you could also try sitting at the very front so no one is in front of you, just the teacher. also sometimes people don’t like to sit up there so it might be less crowded

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I read the newspaper and skip the ISIS stories since it drives me mad. That’s what I don’t like about TV news, they blab about stuff I don’t need to hear. On the web or newspaper If the headline upsets me, I skip it.
The world is in God’s hands and if its the final days as I fear, I personally can’t change it.

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phew, just in from class and i am pooped, it was pretty nerve wracking but i think it wasn’t as bad as i thought, the people were quite nice and there was a guide dog there which helped us all feel a lot more calm and gave us something to talk about when we were all sitting in a circle, its so hard bc we all sit around a big table and we get put in these little groups , i’m starting to feel the come down coming on now tho (hope its not bad) last week it took me a while to get over the shock of it and that was only a half day

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I’m glad you made it through. I’m glad you feel better. I’d say… avoid the news in the morning. When you get up on school days… don’t watch all the stuff about terrorist groups… they have amped up your anxiety before.

I’d say try for something relaxing before you go to class.

Congratulations on making it through.

thanks @SurprisedJ there is so much clutter up here in this head of mine that i can’t seem to make sense of it all most of the time and that is another reason for this course, learning counselling should make me more aware of my own thoughts and what i need in my head and what i don’t need,

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I think you just have to do your part,worrying/having fear about new things is reasonable,people without mental illness do worry about new things or event which they are not familiar with,just try your best and let it happen naturally

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