Feeling nervous about something new

Im starting an evening class tomorrow night and my stomach is in turmoil with nerves, I wonder Iif I will get through it - its a two hour lesson once a week.

Kate xxx

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Courage is not feeling no fear, it rather is facing it despite you’re scared as hell and making it through it. Fear and anxiety are perfectly normal human emotions. Unfortunately some of us get them inappropriately or way too much in severity. I think you can make it though.




Thank you @Msea and @schizofriendia how nice of you :heart::heart::heart:

Kate xxc

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remember everyone is nervous when they do new things…
you will be fine :sunflower:
enjoy it :heart:
take care :alien:


**You are going to do fine! :ok_hand: **


Thank you @bridgecomet and @darksith you guys have all made me feel a bit better now
… thank you very much.

Cheers kate xxx

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Yeah, it’s perfectly normal to feel some fear and nervousness at starting something new like a class or a job.
My advice to you is to be prepared so it will lessen some of your anxiety. If I were you I would give yourself plenty of time to get showered and dressed for the class. Eat a good meal too. Dress semi-nicely and leave yourself plenty of time to get there and find the classroom. Do a search on Mapquest and find the best route there and print it out and read it over a few times to familiarize yourself with the directions.

Bring paper and a pencil and pen to class. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. I’ve taken classes where I didn’t talk to anyone and I’ve taken classes where I talked to more than a few people. Either way was OK, no one gave me any weird looks or bugged me about talking. There will probably be other people there who are shy and only talk a little. Maybe.

You will all be adults there and you are going for various reasons. By the way, if what I’m writing is too much for you than happily ignore it. But yeah, you’re not going there to be popular, you’re going there to learn. Anyway, good luck. And remember, at least you’re trying and taking a chance in life, so that’s very commendable.

Thats some great ideas @77nick77 cheers me up - I’ve calmed down now thank you.

Kate xxx

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I aim to please.