Words are cheap = then why do some words hurt us?

Some people think words are powerful. Others say they’re cheap I guess you’ve got to learn which statements to absorb and which to dismiss as not valuable.


that’s absolutely true!

Words spoken and recorded on video and TV matter especially if stated by a person such as Donald Trump. What does North Korea think when Trump says, “North Korea will be met with Fire & Fury like the world has never seen”.?

If you’re not a “very important person (VIP)” and just regular folk, then yes you can get away with coarse language.

@exhile Trump gets away all the time with controversial statements.

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@Chess24 Trump stated that Obama had his phones tapped at Trump tower which he had no evidence for. The investigation into this claim took months and the conclusion was that there was no evidence of wire tapping at Trump tower.

Trump’s use of words on Twitter is another issue.

I guess when a person becomes POTUS, you have absolute power to do almost anything you want.

I never believed the whole sticks and stones rabble babble. I mean a punch will give you a black eye that can heal but words can sear your soul.

The pen is mightier than the sword… and if your selling pen is mightiers, trebek , your sitting on a goldmine

I love you @Moonwalker

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Words matter especially if they are true. If they are with malice, then they lose some meaning.