Wondering about one of my cats

I have this pitiful little cat who I have trouble getting to eat part of the time. Then, at other times, she starts eating a lot, but she can’t keep it inside her. She starts defecating all over the place. I was taking a nap this afternoon, and my case worker knocked on my door and told me that my cat had made terrible messes all up and down the hallway. I got out and cleaned them up, though it took almost a whole role of paper towels to do it. I also mopped with bleach. It was frustrating, but I guess the messes were just regurgitated cat food. Nothing too bad. I’m wondering what is wrong with my cat.


gee, I hope your cat is alright…perhaps only allow her to eat a little bit if that’s possible…my dog sometimes overeats and throws up the whole thing…

@Rhubot might know. Sounds like stomach or intestinal bacteria though. Your cat might need medication to kill it.

my cat artemis is also dealing with issues recently. she scrunches up her body and looks off into space and makes a sound like a growl or a moan. she peed all over herself and in my little brothers bed. shes gotten over the incontinence but she still smells like pee, whatever shes growling at is stopping her from grooming herself. were taking her to the vet tomorrow, chances are it will be an expensive visit.

Your cat needs to be seen by a vet.

No one here can diagnose what is wrong with her, but recurrent diaoreah can be very dangerous.

If you can’t afford the vet is there an animal charity that can help you?

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I don’t know. I suppose I could check. I don’t know if I can afford a vet or not. I can’t foresee all the expenses ahead. I might have to break my contract with my internet provider, which will cost me an extra $200. I don’t know what else is on the horizon.

We have the problem with or cats eating to quickly. I have heard of putting the food in a plastic bottle with several small holes in it . They have to roll it around and move it to slowly get the food out. Keeping them from eating so quickly

When Tiggy was a kitten he had Giardia bacteria that caused him to have terrible diarrhea. And he was scared of the noise his tummy made when he needed to poop in his litter tray so he would run and hide in places around the house and poop there. It was terrible.

We collected some of the poop in a plastic (clean) container and took it and him to the vet and the vet did a test on the stool sample and discovered he had the giardia bacteria.

HE was on antibiotics for ten days and has been fine ever since.

Poor little boy, he was so sick.

My sisters cat can only eat quality catfood from the pet store not the supermarket cat food.

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