Women women

They are very good I know women we can bring kids with them you can make jokes with them and stuff i used to like femdom where women kick men balls but i stopped liking that stuff after aging i also used to watch facesitting and trampling

I didnt like them in real life only watched videos of them never had anything in real life

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i like facesitting myself

not trampling or any other of that ■■■■

im in it for the

this threads gonna get closed…

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Mate i only watch videos of them i dont like them to happen in real life i only watch them on the internet


Me too with the oral sex fixuation but porn does strange things to ur mind

for years mostly women were in college, percentages above men/boys.
not sure about today.
I was a single mom doing it, and many were/are.

Not kink shaming, but fetish talk is not pg-13.