Wish I knew advanced math

Anyone studied math in uni?

I wanted to and started reading a uni calculus book. It was mind-boggling and extremely interesting. Unfortunately I lose interest in math too quickly to study it. I’ve always been very good in math. It’s a wasted talent.


This is the book that I have - haven’t studied from it yet though


Start reading it!

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Its way too advanced for me though, i’d have to study precalculus first

You might surprise yourself.

spivak is hard…good/advanced. I probably would struggle. Try precalculus and or Stewart, which is what I learned and most kids learn at community college. I think caltech uses spivak and apostol.

I wasted a year studying biology at uni before switching to law so I did get a small taste of maths at undergraduate level. I don’t remember enjoying it very much. More recently I studied statistics during my master’s and that was a much more positive experience. I was obsessed with geometry as a child, often working things out sometimes years before they were taught in class. But I was a very troubled child and I simply couldn’t be bothered with discipline. Why am I giving you so much unrequested information? :sweat_smile:

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I recommend edx and coursera. They’lll walk you through it.

The funny thing is calculus isn’t really that advanced in hindsight. I think proving math is harder like real analysis, proving the theory behind calculus. A first upper division course you should take or after linear algebra (upper division). Depends on the teacher and book. Like rudin is considered hard and the standard while I took an easier teacher and text – but that was the time I dropped out. Calculus ain’t easy, but if you enjoy math and have math abilities, you can do it. No point in skipping pre-calculus. Some people think pre-calculus is harder because of the amount of review and material. I took 3 semesters of calculus and then dropped out of a math major at year 4.

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This is coming from someone with no natural ability in math. I started at intermediate algebra at community college. And even remedial english if you wanted to know. It just takes serious work and focus. It’s hard with a mental illness.

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If you had no natural talent for math you’d have never made it to 4th year.

If you’re interested in math @Crystal-Cotton, just start studying it. There are lots of free online options. :slight_smile:

I’ve always admired people with math brains.
I used to be good at maths, I’d solve it in my head. But in 5-7th grade I had a really mean teacher who kept failing me for not showing my work, not using her methods even though the answers were right, or writing the numbers too sloppy. She’d give us assignment sheets every two weeks and punish those who didn’r finish them. You’d think she at least praised the ones who did finish. Nope. Another sheet and punishment for not finishing that too.

She killed every interest I had in spending my brain power on math. I lost the ability to understand most math aspects aside from what’s needed to make a budget and pay taxes.

Then there’s people like my cousin who are just naturally interested in maths and seem to grasp it easily.

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