Wise Old Psychiatrist

I saw this one older very wise highly educated psychiatrist. He was one of my first psychiatrists that i saw, along time ago. In his office he had almost every imaginable psychiatric book or journal in his library. He was highly respected at the hospital where he worked, and took on the head of the psychiatric dept. for years.
One day I was in a questioning type mood. I wanted to know more about schizophrenia and similar disorders.
I asked him in a very eager tone - Doctor, what exacly is schizophrenia?
I swear he looked at me for about one or two minutes it seemed. He shrugged his shoulders and responded back to me in a serious manner - " I really don’t know - it’s very complicated" I was laughing on the inside.
True story.

Yeah, I went to the psychic counselor and asked, “Do you know what schizophrenia is?” and she said she did know. “What is it?” I demanded.

She paused for awhile, and then said, “In your your case, as in most cases, it is a vibrational abnormality. They’re telling me that that is something you’d understand.” And I answered, “Yes, I do understand.” She said, “It is as if you have the volume up too high. In your next life you won’t have schizophrenia. In your next life, you’ll be able to think if you want to without it driving you crazy.”


i asked my psychiatrist in 2000, what’s the difference between psychosis and schizophrenia

I guess psychosis refers to the episode when you develop a parallel reality. Schizophrenia is the label you have got after experiencing psychosis.

I was at a state hospital seeing a Dr when he came in it was a foreign Dr studying in the usa he says to me and he bear new are language. Did you know you have schizophrenia I thought to my self if he could see it then it must be dam if I trust a state Dr the last one did me in. So I figered learn all you can and I find a cure. 30 years down the road this Dr retired seeing on the street I ask him how did you know he replyed it was on your chart. What makes a good Dr its the way he pesents him self but dose that make him great.

I have found that the wisest psychiatrist are the ones who admit they aren’t wise at all. They have an open mind and are willing to learn as well as teach.


My understanding is that schizophrenia is a form of psychosis. I think psychosis itself refers to a break with reality or what is physically real which includes hallucinations and delusions. Other disorders have psychosis as well. Eating disorders, mood disorders, substance abuse and other medical conditions like say dementia. So psychosis would refer to the hallucination, delusion or thought disorder while the diagnoses would refer to the group of symptoms. Schizophrenia for example being psychosis symptoms plus other positive and/or negative symptoms over a period of time.

At the time, I was young and pretty naive. I was laughing at his remark, because shouldn’t an MD a trained and seasoned psychiatrist know what schizophrenia is really all about. He is not the first doctor or therapist who I came across with that really did not have a tangible and logical explanation for what is considered to be an illness or disorder of the brain. I mean its kind of laughable in so many ways, but it really it is quite sad.
If lets say someone shows signs or symptoms of a physical ailment like diabetes or cancer. Imagine if the persons official diagnosis was based on a bunch of questions? This would amount to fraud and criminality.
There is a real point to be made out of all of this.

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My favorite therapist told me “Schizophrenia is an umbrella term and for the moment it’s meaning is ‘We don’t know’”.

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What do you mean when you say there is a real point to all of this?

I tell someone I am schizophrenic and they say what is schizophrenic and I say I can’t answer that—it’s too complicated.
Having had 17 psychiatrists, I can say some of them have been wise. Some have them have been real asses. Psychiatry has changed. When I first got sick, the only drug was Thorazine. Now my doctor just smiles when I ask him a difficult questions or present him with a statement about my difficulties.

What I mean by this is that schizophrenia is such an abstract illness. Its basically a cluster of symptoms. The way doctors diagnose schizophrenia, is through a bunch of questions. Diagnosing someone with a severe medical illness by questioning him or her sounds a bit absurd.

lol mine had a very easy explanation
a switch in your brain has broken

lol now that is funny, sounds like he was a genius of some sort

I wish I had a psychiatrist like that.

I’ve never had a wise psychiatrist but i have had a wise psychologist.