Wisdom in old age of animals

I notice an animal that has a lifespan of 15 years, like a dog, will start looking wise later in its life despite only being 13 years experienced on the earth. Meanwhile humans will not “look wise” until they get up there in age. It’s all relative to length of lifespan. My turtle looked so damn wise before he died at 15 years old. My theory is one attains the “wise look” based on their life span rather than a certain amount of years. It’s weird. Animals/nature is so intelligent…

I’m 34 and I don’t think I look wise. I think I must look young.

I still get my ID checked when I buy tobacco or alcohol.

Animals in old age have proven they are wise in survival …humans in old age prove nothing… our survival is massively easier in most countries…so a wise looking person is mostly just old looking now…

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It’s kind of funny if you think about it. If you fly across the country into another time zone, you can lose a whole day. But because dogs have their age measured in dog years, if he fly’s with you across the country, he doesn’t lose just one day; he loses about two weeks.


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