Wiping or washing?

I think we debated this before… if you got something gross like poo on your hands would you just wipe it off with some paper or would you wash your hands… i would wash them… then why is it ok to just use toilet paper on your butt…

Is there a comparitive study that shows wich is the cleanest way to go…

Weigh in on this hard hitting topic please…


I like to use hand sanitizer.

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I would like to have a bidet but in the meantime, toilet paper is good enough for me. No one ever smells me down there so it’s ok.


I’d for sure wash my hands

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Good point about wiping the butt. :slight_smile: I’d wash my hands and use toilet paper for my butt. It’s ok because I don’t touch anything that goes into my mouth with my butt. So toilet paper is good enough


I would wash my hands

Also I think but I’m not sure that the wipes aren’t good to flush down the toilet.

I would use soap and water.

please use both, you can really spread germs if you don’t. I don’t want anyone getting sick.


I use toilet paper then wash with soap and water. I wouldn’t feel clean using tp alone.

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They make personal flushable wet wipes for after toilet paper.

Hmm! I learned proper cleaning from my old cat sooo…

PS I can stretch my leg over my head with ease.


Lol lol… perfect time to slide this in…

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I want a bidet so badly.


I came here to say the same exact thing.


You use your hands to eat and do things. You don’t use your butt to do anything but ■■■■. It is is not the same, unless you talk out of it…

Anyway, what do you think a bidet is for?

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I would not mind a bidet either.

I wet my toilet paper need it be till it is clear.

I wash my hands but if I got sh## on my hands I would wash and then sanitizer.

I love sanitizer but have been advised to not use it to often.

If I am in a hurry to get out I would still wash thourally but would get to secure place first perhaps.

I also like to use gloves if I am baking for other people.

If it is just me and my bf I do not use gloves but just wash with soap.

My x bf once said he could survive anything because he had eaten my cooking and he thought I was a grubb.

I have improved in many ways.


My sister uses wet wipes that you can flush down the toilet…that’s the best scenario I’ve ever heard of…yes, I would wash my hands, and toilet paper is sufficient if you use enough…haha


I just love Christmas posts like this. It puts me in the Christmas spirit. Next, lets have a long post about snot while we drink eggnog.


I love you @77nick77. :blue_heart:


OK, lol. I can accept that. I’ll take love where I can get it.