Winter Blues/anhedonia/Abilify/Paxil


I’m finding myself extremely bored and not knowing what to do with my time.

This Canadian winter drives me crazy and I never leave the house.

I’ve been on Paxil/Abilify since February 20th. I’m on 40 MG of Paxil and 5 MG of Abilify, daily.

Im finding myself napping a lot out of fatigue but also boredom.

I have been diagnosed with depression, General anxiety and Hypochondria.

Never schizophrenia, but as soon as I told my doc about my paranoia of being murdered, he put me on Abilify.

I don’t have any voices or seeing things, just delusions and paranoia and anhedonia.



I’m not a doctor but it also could be pyschotic depression. And I think everyone gets bored this time of the year, but you definitely need meds if you’re having delusions and paranoia. That’s how mine all started.


What have been the most major change since u went on this med combo.
I also take the 5mg abilify and my hunger is thru the roof.


Try vitamin D @TheCanuk it’s sunshine in a bottle :sun_with_face: I know of a place too


Here this place I use has 2for 1 vitamin D but it still $34 +tax for 2 bottles. My mom buys me them for me so idk if it’s expensive for 124 vitamin D capsules or not


Since I’ve been on the meds, less paranoia, sleeping more, eating more, anhedonia. It’s still early, hasn’t been a month for either.


I’ve lost a lot of interest in things, but I still like goofing off on the internet so I’m handling winter ok. I’m looking into making a coin, and sculpting the blank so I’ve been filling my time looking into that.

I’ve always liked art, but I lost interest in drawing, I’m just happy I still have any passion for any kind of art still.


Yes, as @John_Raven said, maybe you have Psychotic Depression. Might explain why you’re feeling so listless, and also why you have paranoid ideation. Are you going to see your pdoc soon? I would mention how you’re feeling and see if they have any suggestions for you.