Will you ever be able to work again?

For those not working right now, do you think you’ll ever be able to work again? I’ve been keeping a close eye on jobs posted online, but I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to work any of them – no matter how easy they seem. I occasionally apply and hear back from an employer, but I never follow through with it because I’m too anxious and paranoid.

How about you?


I hope to re attempt with work in December. I just went through a bout of trying but several things got in the way at the end.
I saw a really cool volunteering role I hope I get it in the meanwhile… I think volunteering can be a great stepping stone for work.

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Volunteering is what I should be looking into. You’re right, it’s a good stepping stone to paid work.

I used to volunteer at Meals on Wheels last year before I looked at paid work. It was fun, I might get back into it.

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I might want to study finance and be a self-employed day trader or something or whatever it’s called.

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I’m starting a part-time job to complement my studies in hopefully a few weeks.


Congrats @Treebeard :slight_smile: that’s exciting

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Very nice. Hope that goes well for you

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Yes, part time.

im not looking to work at the moment. tried to work last year but the job was too physical and made my back hurt. would’ve been an easy job to keep if I was in better shape. all I did was load cartons of juice boxes on a line to be packed. that taught me my lesson, from now on just low stress non physical jobs. maybe i’ll apply to the local pizzeria and try to work in the kitchen, but don’t want to deliver pizzas around here, as there is no money in it and it services a rural area with a lot of rural winding roads.

I think I will probably keep collecting my $1000/mo off disability until im kicked off it. if I had to work I could, I suppose, but not real motivated to do so.

another thing im thinking about is getting an online degree in library sciences from a local community college, and trying to work at a quiet library, but only if im denied disability in a future review.

for a side income while on disability, I thought I could maybe build acoustic guitars and mandolins in my barn, turning it into a workshop. hopefully that would net me an extra $500/mo. if I sold a couple instruments a month. that’s more of a future plan though.

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@Zeke There’s always hope I didn’t work for 16months on benefits now I have 2 jobs one working for myself on Ebay Uk and the other a no stress shop job Part Time

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I’m working after 3 years of not working. It’s only a part time shop job, but I’m finding it a real struggle to be honest. Been doing it about 5 months now. Hope it gets easier.


Don’t know, I live with voices almost daily. In the past my jobs have bled into my delusions due to stress.

Hospice work led me to believe I was working for the angel of death.

Pest control led me to believe I was going to hell for taking the life of insects.

Billing led me to stalking debtors thinking I was some kind of vigilante.

Those are just a few examples. I would love to work, but I’m not sure if it’s safe for my mind


Fortunately, I’m on benefits and I live with my parents so there’s no strong need for me to work. I think I’ll look into volunteer work again – then maybe work my way up to a paying job.

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I agree with @Butterflyy-- volunteering is a great way to transition back into working life while doing some good at the same time.

I’ve been volunteering at a yoga studio for a few months now, and just started working there part-time as well. It’s a receptionist position one day a week to start, and it’s getting me out of the house and engaging with more people.

Good luck @Zeke!


That’s a cool place to be a receptionist for, Aswell. :slight_smile:

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Yea, it’s a pretty low-key environment and everyone is in a good mood because yoga, so it’s been a nice place to be :slightly_smiling_face:


I have been working full time for 2 months now and have schizophrenia.


What are you studying?

I plan to work after I finish my studies, with maybe an internship placed in there. We will see though. I very well could be disabled by then