Will only see nurse in a few weeks

I have just had a minirelapse where i was triggered by a scary nightmare and got psychotic again at night. I was in a ward for a day. I cut it short with meds but it left new fears again - fear of relapse, fear of hurting my son, fear of God being angry with me.

This was last week. I saw the nurse yesterday, but now only the 14th, cause she is on holiday and busy.

Im wondering…arent they supposed to monitor if im not relapsing? I see a doctor tomorrow to discuss diagnosis…shall I ask for a meeting with someone else in between? I dont trust myself and think 3 weeks no contact is a bit much at this specific time.

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I’m so sorry! I know you were worried about relapse! I think you should ask to be see as soon as you can. You need as much support as you can get.

How was the ward?

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Thanks for your concern, im okay now, sort of. I think they should see me more too. The ward was horrible, i just stayed there for one night, to make sure i didnt get psychotic nightmares again.

Im still processing all, but not psychotic anymore (I think).

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Take care of yourself. I have a doctor who is very responsive when I call him. He knows when I need to see him right away. I hope you find good care. Stay safe!

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I’m so sorry the ward was horrible! It should be a refreshing and helpful experience! Let us know if you get a sooner appointment!

Thanks for your concerns! I asked today and i can call in case of crisis or other issues.

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