Will I ever find love

Will I ever be able to trust someone enough to build a life with them


Work on being healthy first then everything else will follow.


Maybe you’re looking for love in all the wrong places.


It’s possible to find love. I suggest retracing your steps and that should take you to the last place you had it with you. Could have rolled under the sofa.


My Mom is a normie who has ended her (at least) 4th serious relationship. She is 80 and is traveling on the other side of the Atlantic. And she has 3 kids, 4 grandkids, and 2 great grandkids. Is it failure that she never found love?


Sounds like she found love several times. Not all relationships are meant to last. People grow and change. Growing apart from someone you love is pretty normal. It’s why divorce is so common. Staying in a relationship with someone you no longer love for the sake of not getting divorced is antiquated and the foundation of a lot of abusive relationships.


Depends are you male or female :joy:

Lmao it rolled down the hill

She found it if for a moment. No love found no love lost.

i want love but dont believe i will ever be able to find some one who could deal with my symptoms

there is a guy in my group i like who is also sza but he also has severe symptoms and has no socialization

idk no one in my family has luck with love

I never got past infatuation.

I have failed in finding love because of my schizophrenia.

It’s the best thing about schizophrenia. Never having to fall in love.

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What a terrible statement to say. Being alone sucks big time.

Some people prefer to be alone.

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Unfortunately, schizophrenic fall into the category of being single for the majority of their lives. I, on the other hand would like to have a woman to keep me company and I keep her company. A mutually beneficial relationship.

Well I hope you find a good woman!

I did find a good woman but she rejected me because of my schizophrenia. She called me “crazy”.

Sorry to hear that.

Yeah, we should feel “sorry” for ourselves because we are schizophrenics. What a waste of a diamond ring especially made by Disney.