Why should I feel guilt for not working?

I’m training myself not to feel it and the guilt is almost completely gone. Considering things like robotics ai and automation will be displacing human labor soon, screw feeling guilt for not working

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Sorry thread is misleading. I mean guilt for not being on a payroll. Artistic things Is work

Ah man I fluctuate between wanting to work and not wanting to work. I do know the stress and schedule probably wouldn’t work out and I’d end up quitting or getting fired.

No need for guilt on that front.

Reading up on post scarcity economics has made me feel less guilt

Yeah, but when thinking on that topic… there is always a question of what will people do? The professional world keeps a lot of people in line by setting expectations that otherwise wouldn’t be there or valid at all if it weren’t for people’s dependency on money.

I’d like to see everyone becoming artists/musicians/intellectuals/pacifists/humanists/realists… but I’m guessing the lot of them are just going to ■■■■ up the system. I’ll get into conversations with strangers and for the most part they eventually reveal themselves to be broken into this world and not wanting it to change. It’s going to change but for now these folks would rather stick with the individualistic dog eat dog everyone has a superiority complex ■■■■■■■■ that this society produces and sustains. Very few rise above(not saying I have, I’m a schizo so it’s different). Part of getting there is seeing it from the outside and realizing how much ■■■■■■■■ it is.

I like doing work of some sort so I do charity work

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Just spend time wisely,be it paid or not

Doing things and not getting paid is better than Idling around but getting paid :smile:

The symptoms of sz can be pretty overwhelming. Most people don’t have to fight with themselves to keep from going off the deep end all day long. Personally, I wouldn’t mind getting a job digging ditches, but the med’s make my body too sensitive to the weather to do that. I’ll be glad when they develop sz med’s that don’t disrupt the body’s temperature regulatory mechanisms.

Because your a man, and a mans work is never done.