Why Men With Schizophrenia Have Fewer Children

Men with schizophrenia have a lot fewer kids then normal men. I’ve heard it’s as much as over 75% less. I’ve heard that women with schizophrenia have closer to the same number as normal women. I have a theory that it all has to do with what most men and women’s priorities are in life. There was a study once done where a fictional pretty waitress personal ad was put out and a fictional average looking female lawyer’s personal ad was put out. The pretty one got more calls. On the other hand when a fictional handsome male cab driver and an fictional average looking male banker’s personal ads were put out the male banker got more calls. So money which people with schizophrenia tend to have trouble making is an issue.

I think my sperm are overmedicated and keep falling asleep.



Women get always more attention even when they have some kind of disease like schizophrenia. Females have a big roster where to choose from compared to men.

my dad has four children, two by my mom and two out of wedlock from my father’s affairs. My father has schizoaffective disorder. My dad kind of shoots down the theory about money and good looks. He worked at a string of low income jobs.

Also, these ap med’s lower the sperm count for a lot of sz men. That’s the case with me, and I’ve heard other guys talk about that too. Another factor is economic. Sz men are less likely to be able to pay for the rearing of kids. Many of us are unemployed because of our illness and our lives are such a wreck we can’t support kids.

Yeah I’ll admit I’ve often wondered if I actually had any sperm.

I think @deepndark is onto something. Someone once said “Men have sex when they can and women have sex whenever they want, but men get married whenever they want and women get married when they can.”

Except for when they get accused of being ‘emotional’ or having ‘their time of the month’.



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As a rule we’re all kind of ostracized by normals and kept miles away from them…and there’s few resources for dating other sz or other mental patients. I heard of one website, that’s about it. It doesn’t help that popular opinion on youtube comments is to sterilize the lot of us…
I’m 32 year old female and I have no kids, fyi.
I think the younger you get sick, possibly the sz missed out on normal social development and from then on has problems reading their peers and making deep bonds with them.

It could be by choice in a lot of cases…

Who wants to pass on this ■■■■■■ up life experience…

I mean to find a girl who can balance the genetics and have her cater to you her whole life… well that’s slim pickings…

And if mentally ill people have children together… as sweet as that is… damn that’s risky.

We need that gattica pre-screening and gene-therapy crap now… we’d all be muggles… (but I kind of like my magical powers.)