Why is scientology so against psych meds?

Just curious. Every anti psych movie on youtube is funded by scientology!!

Why do they hate psychiatry so much ?

Every cult needs an enemy. Preferably a lot of enemies. Also, mentally ill people are easier to manipulate, and cults need to mentally break people down in order to control them.


Most cults are anti-psychiatry. It’s like Tree said, mentally ill people are desperate for an easy answer, and the cults provide that. If people get better, they have less reason to stay dependent on the cult.


Interesting replies. It seems spot on actually Treebeard !


Tom Cruise is a nutcase!!!

Well, they don’t believe mental illness is real or exists I guess. Not sure if they are sincere or not, but they ruined a lot of people’s lives.

Why is scientology??

It’s a tax exempt religion here in the states. Some people view it as a dangerous cult. Euope is different I guess. A lot of celebrities follow it. You haven’t heard of L. Ron Hubbard, I guess? They have a tendency to sue people a lot.

Part of my delusional beliefs is I met L Ron Hubbard in a past life or parallel universe. I’m scared to talk about it. He was connected to the Montauk Project I believe. This was in another dimension or some ■■■■. I dont have a problem with scientologists, I just want them to stay away from me because I need my meds and I like them. They help me a lot. I worry about my safety and being sued a lot for freedom of speech.