Why i dont attract men?

yeah but its not fair. all my schizo friends have men even when they don’t feel fine. its just not fair to don’t have anyone to talk. for god sake, I am the only one who spent 15 years between 4 walls!!! its not fair for god sake!!! I hate this, I hate myself and hate the others now :cry:
why the men avoid me? because I don’t talk? because I am depressive??? why??? and now, I am ugly with these ■■■■■■ meds…
p.s. my last ‘‘boyfriend’’ wanted to sleep with my ‘‘best’’ friend… I have should put him a slap when he told me this. but I was so down that I sad nothing yeah… I look like ■■■■, honestly. I am so ugly…

You are not ugly. You are beautiful. You deserve better than what you’ve described as men goes. And you’ll get it, just be patient :wink:

I am ugly. how you whould explain then that all the men are running away from me???

I saw ur picture ur not ugly trust me. I am single as well. Just don’t give up and don’t be so hard on yourself…people a lot of times find someone when they’re not looking.

ok Emily ill try not to torture myself with this, thank you as well, you are nice to me:) yeah, it sucks cause I never believed in myself and now I got this schizophrenia illness. 7 years I was in the psychiatry without results. I experienced almost every symptom on my back, almost everyone. I am diagnosed with three disorders -schizophrenia, depression and anxiety… I lost so much time in drugs and alcoholc and the illness. what a life, yeah…

No problem :grinning:…and yeah I can relate a lot. I’m pretty unhappy with my life right now and most days are a struggle but somehow I keep getting through things day by day. But yeah, don’t torture urself over this!

Most men are too afraid of rejection to act on their attractions, myself included. When I first met my wife, she was the last person I thought would be interested in me - my best friend was convinced she was in love with him! Thinking she was out of bounds resulted in me acting myself and low and behold, she hasn’t given me the flick yet and it’s been 7 years.

The moral of the story is the more you want something that you think you aren’t capable of obtaining, the more power you are giving the self-fulfilling prophecy.

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Whatchoo mean?

Men in general? You can’t attract all men but some yes you can.

Never wanted to attract anyone myself.