Why i dont attract men?

You are fine as you are @Anna10 define what is perfect anyway. I’m not exactly size 0 myself and I have never had a relationship either. But I have not lost hope. I know there’s someone out there for everyone. And that invludes you.

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yeah,thats right pixel. I have 13 years of despair and isolation. I could be so mean to want the same suffering fdor those who hurt me… I never knew a person who was ill for so many years, that’s all :frowning:

Here’s the problem:

You’re stuck in a vicious circle, also known as a positive feedback loop (which is a loop with persistently negative consequences). You need to do something to break the cycle. In AA we’re taught the 'fake it ‘til you make it’ trick to disrupt our behaviour that feeds into the vicious circle. I’m sorry for the 13 years you’ve lost, but do you want to lose 13 more? You have the power to disrupt the cycle if you choose to. Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life. Hoping you are able to strive towards a more positive outlook, if only for the next 24 hours.



yes, I went out today alone. it didn’t happened to me since 10 days I guess. its always hard, I walk like a zombie almost, so tensed…
I know, I can lost more 13 years if I am stuck like this but do you really know somebody who lost 13 years??? its so much time…
sorry to be like a child now but yes, I regret these years,they meant to be my bests…

This illness has taken a chunk out of my life

If you want a relationship and men ain’t attracted to you for some reasons,maybe you can go after man you like?

gtx, my desire for men are little bit dead cause I am too closed in myself, kind of autistic behavior and feeling that I have. I cant love right now neither feel attraction cause I am too scared :/… the desire of men is in my head now, not where it should be :confused:

Walk out of your head,:joy:

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shellys you are so sweet on your photo :slight_smile: I am ill since child and the crash was totally in my puberty. now I am 33 years old with a body who is falling apart etc etc :frowning:

Thanks for your compliment Anna
A kind word goes a long way
A nice man you will find yet
I cannot find one
But I just want to be well

small nostrils are better than big huge nostrils… dont listen to ur friend. boys used to mock my body parts too in highschool, i was the butt of jokes. ignore ■■■■■■■■ people. look in the mirror and tell urself u are beautiful everyday and smile.


ignore bullsh*t people… damn i got censored…


yes, you look intelligent and nice :slight_smile: me too I dream to be well but I start to understand that even normality isn’t easy, life isn’t easy for anyone… we will make it as we can. maybe I feel depressed but its better than psychosis I find…

how about you try playing with your look? might be fun, dye your hair, eye liner etc. I’m a dude and I wear eye liner some times, my friend painted my nails purple the other day haha first time too

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yeah I know, I really miss that part already to play with my look, I need it I find too :slight_smile: but in fact I don’t know what I want exactly in terms of ‘‘fashion’’, for the moment, I am too screwed up in my head plus anhedonia…

Maybe grow hair a bit and get new style. You have a nice face and all in proportion
If you find the right guy they say he will love you even if you had hair coming out of hour nose

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I just got a dog instead. All he wants are pig ears, body massages and for me to throw the stuffed animal. I love that we both love food and hate strangers coming near the house. Plus when I got him he even liked watching YouTube:

I totally recommend a dog for the lonely, downtrodden people in life. And then if you ever feel up to dating again, your dog can hopefully detect creepy vibes on people. Mine unfortunately can’t, everyone he sees is his new bestest friend ever.


I know people who have lost 40 years. It’s called alcoholism. They have picked themselves up and managed to enjoy the years they have left.

I don’t attract females.I’m not R.Kelly.

One thing that can scare off potential partners is coming across as needy. Remember, guys are lucky to have your company. If they’re not responsive, blow them off.