Why i dont attract men?

I am so closed right now that I look at my feet when I walk outside. I cant handle the look of others also for a long time…
but why the hell my schizo friend has more boyfriends than me? is she smarter, more beautiful etc? its my shout now grrh…
probably I carry this jealousy in me which is killing me… all these wasted years in order to understand that me also I can be loved :cry:
but I guess, nothing comes granted…
is it a common trait of schizophrenics not to be liked and hard to be loved? sometimes I cant even take a proper shower, yeah…

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here I am. yes I am fat. and this stupid girl, a new friend of mine who is sick also says some kind of stupiditys on me du genre that my nostrils are small etc etc… ill tell her one day that she is dirty also… she smells for god sake… its not a good friend I guess… yes, my nostrils are small but for god sake, I need some love right now :frowning:

You’re friend sounds pretty bad for a friend. You’re nostrils are just fine. Smile though :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: . Smiles make all the difference. Don’t beat yourself up, amiga!

My nostrils are large - from picking my nose. So be glad of that and go for him.
ps = I don’t attract men because I don’t want to.


You look like a smart businesswoman. You remind me of a very successful family friend. She was a lawyer and had good taste. You have soulful eyes and a sharp haircut.

I don’t know much about dating. It can be a craps shoot. I am on a couple of dating sites which I don’t really check anymore. Guys will come and go, but the more you build on yourself the better you’ll be for the “one.”

One thing that can help with showering (voices can be a problem with the water noise which I have had before) is picking out your own body wash and shampoo. Get a special kind that motivates you to smell like it. I found some Suave Water or flowing waters for $1.89 on sale. I also use a puff which is mine.

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Not all women attract men.
Not all men attract women.
It’s unfortunate but it’s a fact of life.

thank you dear. yeah, I still have work on me, psychically I mean but ill get it there one day I guess :wink:

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yeah, I know, my momwas a beautifull woman, I look like her but have no confidence in myself anymore plus my illness took away my will to do things -I mean sport and go out to keep the shape.

true yes :slight_smile: ill risk to annoy you still on this forum, its almost one of my few ways of socializatings now :/…

You aren’t annoying me. You sound like a person with a lot of problems like everybody else. Some of us have some of the same problems. I like to think that I’m the next Tom Cruise or George Clooney but in reality I’m more like Erkle.

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Your nostrils are fine :slight_smile: there’s nothing wrong with them at all. And @Sharp is right… Smiles make all the difference. You look very pretty and I’m sure you’d look downright stunning when you smile <3 sometimes it just takes patience… Maybe the right guy isn’t around yet, but one day he will be and he will love every single thing about you, every freckle and hair, and even your nostrils :wink:
It will be okay.
Ps. I don’t think you’re fat.

U look beautiful to me…
i mean it…:woman:

a big hug katatonic, yeah, ill fight for the smile. for the moment, I don’t want a guy in my life, I wanted it too much but one day ill smile again I think and it will be ok. I ll try to never forget also all these people who are suffering there also, its always a struggle in a way the life, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

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I agree you’re above average in prettiness without makeup. Alotta girls fake it with makeup. I would take you out. But yes smile :slight_smile: life could be worse.

oh, ok far cry. I don’t see it now but its not a big deal… plus, I have so many accessories and clothes here at the house, I am impatient to organise better in life so I can make myself prettier with my clothes… I have a work on me but everything should be in some balance…
otherwise, thanks for that :flushed:

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ok cool huck, that’s sounds nice :kissing_heart:
but in my illness I slept with some guys without feeling nothing for them, it hurted me…I don’t mean that you want to sleep with me but now I try to find my reason in a way. you look fine too, happy etc :slight_smile:

Well i don’t see us actually getting that close. But if i knew you outside of this anonymous forum i would be interestedinterested . point being i care more about your esteem than your TLC at this moment my friend

yeah, here is not the place I guess… but in real life I walk out with sunglasses now, looking at my feet and quite autistic. for the moment, I cant even talk with a guy… there were times that I was fainting only in front of the view of a guy, imagine… but I said once - ‘‘■■■■ up to this, I wanna live, I don’t want this fear!’’ and then the progress started… still struggling with the sympotms and I accepted my meds finally so maybe it will be fine ok one day :slight_smile:so kisses to you huck!!! :slight_smile: and yes, I was afraid of the madness but this is my madness of mine :frowning:

Ty Anna xoxoxoxoxoxo

@Anna10, nothing wrong with your physical appearance. The right clothes, makeup, and lighting… I could shoot a beautiful portfolio of you. No worries there. I suspect the problem you are having is that you have been down so long that it is hard to be positive, and most people are looking for a positive, uplifting experience in a mate. A perpetual ‘cloud of doom’ hanging over someone can be a real turn off.

We have a saying in AA: Fake it 'til you make it. Might be worth focusing on acting and being positive, even when you don’t feel that way, until being positive becomes a habit. Swear to you that it will work wonders for ALL parts of your life, not just the finding a d00d part.

Sending the best vibes I can your way.