Why does an injection differ from pills?

Differ in many ways by my experience. It’s like the injection once a month is almost transparent, but the pills of the same med cause a lot more side effects. I would never want to go back to the pills of Zyprexa.

u take injections?. Can you ever get injected without noticing it?

I notice when my nurse has gave the injection, but so little compared to the pills.

I didn’t like zyprexa also, gained a lot of weight on it. And took it just for a few months.
I’m happy with my xeplion injections, minimum side effects. I’m very functional and for the last few days I’ve been symptom free…

and @saurav it is impossible to get an injection without you noticing, it takes a few minutes because they have to give it slowly or else it hurts like hell. And even when they give it slowly it still hurts and you feel it without a doubt. So no, it’s definetly not possible for you to get injected. Really hope you can come out of that delusion.

The whole point of injections is that saves the trouble to the patient of having to remember to take pills every day.

True, but there’s a lot more to it. Some patients’ digestive and metabolic systems do not provide good environments for all manner of psych meds… but none moreso (it appears from lengthy observation) that anti-Ps. IV administration is obviously (if one has seen enough patients) “better” for some and not for others.

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For me the primary reason for being on a depot is a track record of forgetting to take oral doses. I had a 40-50% record of taking. Whether this strictly counts as non compliance or the forgetting as a subconscious desire not to take the medication I don’t know.
I do know that although I have been late on a few occasions for the depot it only amounts to the equivalent of not having two or three depots in 6 years of being on it.
A much better track record than still being on oral meds.
In terms of effect it has meant certain things have improved while others have stayed static.
In terms of side effects-weight gain, occasionally something bordering on akathisia, occasional odd mouth movements. When I tried oral risperidone years previously I had to stop quickly because of feeling woozy(lowered bp?). This has not happened with the injection.