Why do you think it's ok to watch me and listen to me when I'm inside my house?

Murderers and rapists get more respect than me.

" Why do you think it’s ok to watch me and listen to me when I’m inside my house?"

I don’t think that’s ok. Do you think us forum members are also watching and listening to you?

Yes, I do.

That would be extremely difficult considering that we are spread out all over the planet. Why would we waste our time and resources to spy on you? What would be our motive? I personally do not have the time, inclination or money to spend spying on some random person from the internet.

I can guarantee you that I am not spying on you.

I think people think I act funny or that it’s entertaining to watch me

Why wouldn’t they just turn on the TV if they wanted to watch something entertaining. Why would they all be focused on you? Even celebrities aren’t generally spied on in their own homes. Why not Jim Carey instead of you? I probably won’t be able to convince you otherwise but this really is a delusion and it doesn’t really make any sense when you sit down and think on it logically. Why all the focus on you?

In the words of my old neighbor, “we love to hate you.”

You make good points. Thanks for your help.

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You’re welcome. I am happy if any of my arguments helped you to not believe you are being spied on.

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I also think people spy on me.

Who do you think spies on you?

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