How to show that I have gained "insight" into my illness

Hi all,

When I was first diagnosed Schizophrenic earlier this year I was in denial and would not admit that I have a mental illness.

I’m currently on a community treatment order, and on advice from my lawyers and through research about the CTOs, it seems the best way to get off a CTO is to show that you have “insight”.

I agree that my voices were not normal and unheard by others, and for experiencing that, I am mentally ill.

Does anyone have any advice on how best to show that I now have insight into schizophrenia to my psychiatrist? What does it “insight” mean to you exactly?

Thanks for reading,
appreciate any knowledge on the topic of “insight”

Hey and welcome.

First of all, insight comes with time. I just got out of denial a couple of months ago and I’m still discovering things about my illness everyday. I don’t think it’s something you can fake, but rather a think you cherish as long as you go deeper into it…

Second, give it time. It’s great you got out of denial and that’s a first step into recovery. Do not try and rush things, we each have our own time to manage the illness and it’s great that you have such a good support system in place. It took longer for me to get out of denial, maily because I didn’t want to accept the “crazy” label, and that’s something that changed once I accepted who I am and found this community, so stick around, learn some things with the folks here and that insight will come for sure…

Best of luck.

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To me it felt I reached proper insight only when there also was a rather strong element of wanting it to be (merely) schizophrenia, hallucinations, delusions etc. instead of real freaky stuff. Not so much because of others telling me so, but because seeing it such has many benefits for me. The truth of the matter, I think, does not even enter the picture. One has to presuppose a lot before one can make claims of truth.

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I gained insight when I admitted to myself that the things I experienced were missfires in my brain. I do not have a guardian angel even if I see and hear Jerek. He is real to me but only to me. Other’s can’t interact with him. The voices can’t be heared by others. I understand that. That is insight to me.

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My doctor says I have insight. I think it is because I talk abut having hallucinations, or feeling delusional, but I always know it is just my schizophrenia. I also learned many coping techniques. When I can feel myself starting to get delusional, I start baking or cleaning. The simple steps help clear my mind and get me thinking rationally again. I have also accepted that I will need medication for the rest of my life. Not everyone needs that, but I definitely do.

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For me… my doc started taking me more seriously and saying I had insight when I was being more logical about my illogical…

When I was realizing that I was trying to straighten out a cross wired head… and it wasn’t to universe talking to me…

When I realized that what I was feeling and seeing was from within and not planted or injected into me.

As I learn more about Sz… the more I think it helps me.
Learning about depersonalization… for a while… I thought it was the universe giving me a sign that I was having special knowledge put into my head and when it was over… I could heal others by laying on of hands…

Then I found out it’s a stress trigger way the brain separates it’s self or numbs it’s self to stressful things.

The more I find out about this illness… and the more I find that others experience some of the same stuff with the same stress triggers… the more I see… I’m not tapped by God… I’m not a Zen Healer… I’m don’t have sonic hearing…

It’s all because of the head circus.