Why do sz's smoke so much?

I read somewhere that as many as 90% of szs are mild to heavy smokers…3 times the rate of the general pop. Why do you think this is the case?

one of my theories is that during time in the mental ward stuff can get really boring and the smoke break out front becomes a habit that one doesnt break after leaving…

anyone else had the experience of picking up smoking in the hospital?


I quit smoking and drinking 5 months ago. I think that addictions arise in us to satisfy unfulfilled desires that we just can not or do not for some reason or another. So I believe, in part, that we create a need in it’s place that we “can” satisfy.

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For me smoking was a stress reaction to the creepy stuff that I tend to see and hear. I quit a while back, but everything is getting too overwhelming again and I’m planning on buying a pack tomorrow. So I don’t know, it’s probably another form of self-medication for people with sz

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I agree @twitchhavok, it’s self-medication. Makes you feel less negative symptoms. But managing to quit smoking and being good with it is better.

I am kind of surprised to see so many people addicted to booze and other drugs on here - I was a heavy cigarette smoker years ago, had enough sense to quit for good (cold turkey)

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i can’t talk i have 20 cigarettes in my mouth…lol :smiley:
take care :alien:

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Yes; the # is correct. I just ran into again in a journal paper a few days ago.

Nicotine is one of the best means of relatively mild or “semi-” dissociation known to man. That’s why it is so appealing… and addictive.

Our medication is extremely flammable.

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id say number one , its a drug that is easily accessed and consumed.
then it can combat negative symptoms
alse we smoke out of boredom
we use it as a crutch
its also addictive
we also feel like it relieves stress

Yes, I smoked out of bordom.

I believe it is out of bordom we smoke.

I always used to hate that excuse when I was in hospital… Thinking that if you are bored in there then you really are too well to be in there in the first place!
I quit while I was in hospital… Only when I was getting significantly better… But I hated the next scene direction so much… I’m now nine years of cigarettes and nine years out of hospital

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The doctor asks me if I am suicidal, at times, and I answered him asking, Can’t smoking be considered a socially acceptable way of committing suicide? I think I remember him saying “yes” in a way.

i stopped 5 years ago and i think it was not helping my sz, i think it was a demotivator, and after i stopped i think my brain chemistry wasnt struggling with toxins anymore and functioned much better, i also found that i was more motivated to do things,


Never smoked in my life as for drink i only drink occasionally

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When I was in the army most of the men in the enlisted ranks smoked. At least as much as sz’s smoke. I smoked a little while back then. Also, most of the people in AA smoke. The air can get really smoky at meetings. Though I’ve never been there, I think most of the people in prison smoke. I can see how someone in prison might smoke out of boredom, but as for the army and AA, I don’t know. I’ve been in with a heavy smoking population for most of my adult life. Here at the assisted living center where I stay I can see how sick cigarettes have made some long term smokers. The number of people with COPD and on breathing machines is amazing. I’m extremely glad I was able to quit.

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seroquel can be usede to ignite barbecues with, lol…it’s ■■■■■■■ creepy how good the stuff burns

I smoked before I went in to hospital. It felt great.

Plus… it was a crutch in a lot of situations.

It helped me feel calm and “up” at the same time.

It’s taken a lot of work… but I’ve been smoke free since September… so far so good.