Why do social events cause exhaustion for days on end?

That work search event on Thursday left me exhausted for days. I’ve still not recovered from it. My body just feels weak.


Yeah, I feel I need time to recover as well. Sometimes I get months I don’t have the time to recover. After those, I can stay for very long periods in isolation.

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Yea I used twitter/x yesterday.

Interacting with different ppl was so difficult I didn’t remember how to be.

Really does suck,

Haha. :grinning:

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I find social media exhausting too, but this was an event I had to be there and do mock interviews. I don’t do those well was completely unprepared

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It’s good u went. Jumping in the deep end gives a kind of shock we need sometimes. Good it was just mock but I can imagine it must still hav been distressing :confused:

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