Why do cops like donuts so much?

One time when I was waiting for the ambulance to arrive and i was in handcuffs at my house on my way to the E.R. I asked the cops “Do you like donuts?” and he said “Yes” kind of shamefully…I say “Well who doesn’t like donuts???” and he said “Yeah”, once again very shamefully.

He felt bad because I had such anomocity towards police that I would make a joke at them when I think he felt bad for me and such for being psychotic. I hadn’t done anything illegal in a year at this point…but I had been arrested in the past. So that’s why I was that way.

Well did I answer my question.

Answer: Everyone likes donuts?


Do you guys get the chocolate spread called Nutella in the us? Cos over here you can get Nutella donuts. They are amazing!


We get Nutella but never had Nutella doughnuts. Sounds delicious.

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I’m in the US and I’ve seen nutella and its look a likes, but not nutella donuts. But I stay away from donut stores. It’s not that I don’t like donuts, it’s that I like them too much!


It’s not so much the doughnuts.
It’s the coffee and the caffeine they are after.
Doughnut shops conveniently serve coffee.

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Most of the local cops seem to go to Starbucks for their coffee


yeah but some are just too darn sugary lol, i like custard filled ones with caramel on top lol

@Jimbob have you heard of nutella pizza? i’m sure i’ve seen it somewhere but i cant remember where lol

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Not heard of Nutella pizza. Have had Nutella crepes before. They are lovely.

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I dont like donuts, the fuzz, need something to dip in there coffee.

Ive been in holding cell 3 different times once for going to my uncles with a bat when i was 16 i wanted to break his legs. but he wasnt home, so i went outside and fuzz was there. so i ran a block and fuzz said if u dont stop we have the right to beat u so i stopped and threw my bat at him. Second time i blacked out from drugs and mixing alcohol woke up in a holding cell with a sore left hand and all i heard were a bunch of cops beating on this old native guy in the cell beside me. The last time was for 30 hours and i just did pushups and walk in circles only slept 2 hours curled up in a ball with my tshirt covering me. They threw some big mouth drunk in with me and as soon as the cop closed the cell door that drunk shut up. This wad 2009 just after i got diagnosed i was 21 170lbs and gave that look like dj qualls off “the new guy” movie. Its funny how that can work on alot of people