Why do Americans spend so much on pharmaceuticals?

The United States spends almost $1,000 per person per year on pharmaceuticals. That’s around 40 percent more than the next highest spender, Canada, and more than twice as much as than countries like France and Germany spend. So why does the U.S. spend so much? Is it because Americans take more medicines or because they pay higher prices? Can Americans afford the drugs they need? And will the Affordable Care Act change anything?

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Greed of the pharmaceutical companies.


Because American government doesn’t care much about peoples health, with all that GMOs circulating in every grocery stores, animals are injected with fast growing hormones and so many things that we are not aware of it… And we are eating all that, and if we want organic, grass fed, majority will not be able to afford it. And thats how majority of people in America uses some type of medication. And homeopathic healing methods are slowly disappearing among people.

I call the USA pharmacutical industry Medusa (Meds + usa) because it can’t be stopped.

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Exaggerated trust in technical and medical progress?
(I’m no American, just a guess)

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I live in the States, and tons of people overuse Over the Counter Meds as well. They have a mild headache - pop 2 pills, their nose is a little stuffy - pop 2 pills, their hair isn’t shiny enough - pop 2 pills - Antibiotics are also overused.
We are a drug and pill nation - it is ingrained in our culture
I take Meds because I have to, there is a difference here

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@Wave I think you hit the nail on the head. We are a pill-popping culture. I too take meds because I have to.

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