Why did I isolate so much


Why did isolate so much?
Was it the dz?
Was it my shame?
Ami just a loner?
I think I felt shame
I think I didn’t want anyone to know I was diagnosed with sz.
I think the tranquilizer I took namely Haldol helped me to want to isolate
What do you think?


I isolate because of shame and fear.


Completely normal for sz. It’s one of the corner stone symptoms for diagnosis. Self isolation.


When I was delusional I had more than enough company with the voices talking to me all day.

Only now that I have full insight do I feel lonely again.


I isolate because majority people bully me with bad vibes and prance around saying they are superior and walk all over me anc disrespect me , suppress me and hate on me.

I was so suprised because at grocery shop today people were nice or not attacking me with hostile vibes like they have for years or all md life.

I isolate because i don’t like getting walked over , disrespected and not treated nicely.

That’s majority reason i don’t work too.
I don’t volunteer work because some guys at salvos didn’t like me .

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I isolated really when I didn’t have a gf, which was a lot…prodromal I’m talking about…now I hate being alone…never worked for me…have to have someone to me. my niece is currently isolating and I am wondering if she is sz.


I isolate just because I enjoy my own company :relieved:


I feel the same … Don’t know if it’s real but this is exactly what causes the shame and fear. When I can believe it’s not true I’m a totally different person tho :pensive:


I isolate because I get up and have nothing in place to do i.e job, volunteering, education and wouldn’t want to go to a day centre. I feel no shame.

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Don’t leave your room - don’t make a mistake you’ll regret.
Why would you need the sun? Light up a cigarette.
Nothing makes sense ‘hind that door - especially the cry of elation.
Just use the bathroom - and back with no procrastination.

Don’t leave your room, don’t catch a taxi, my friend,
‘Cause space is made of this corridor and will end
With the energy meter; and if a young babe arrives, pouting,
Don’t even undress - kick her out without doubting.

Don’t leave your room - imagine you’ve caught a cold.
A wall and a chair is a view that never gets old.
Why leave the place where you’ll come back exactly the same
Man as you were before - only more in pain?

Oh, don’t leave your room - nude, dance bossa nova
In your shoes with no socks, with just a coat thrown over.
The hallway smells of ski wax mingled with cabbage,
You’ve written a lot; more could only do damage.

Don’t leave your room - so that only the room
Has a clue of your looks. Indeed, incognito ergo sum -
As Substance to Form, with annoyance, replied.
Don’t leave your room - it’s not even France outside!

Don’t be a fool - be something to which no one’s used.
Don’t leave your room - meaning, let the furniture loose,
Chameleonize with the wallpaper, lock up and hide yourself
With that wardrobe from chronos, cosmos, eros,
Races and viruses.Бродский


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