Why conspiracy theories bad?

İt s a fact that conspiracy theories pain in the …s for sz patients.but why is bad.why do you think its bad thing exactly.can you spot some facts

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They produce suspicions, hostility, aggression etc


They are exciting. Some invented theories are too much fun to stay out of.

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I think some are entertaining and some are just weird


İ don t think my political conspiracy theories are exciting.its just disturbing.but i don t know how to get rid of it

They’re detrimental to the truth.

Especially now that tons of people have access to the internet, they can access all kinds of misinformation and have baseless studies back them up on what they read.

They can be entertaining for some folks, nothing more than wild fiction they can put down at the end of the day. For others more susceptible, it becomes an obsession— especially if those conspiracy theories align with their own views of the world.


Well said. That’s the best explanation I’ve seen in a long time.


Example. Consp theory #1 “we live in a computer simulation”

A person with mental illness may get obsessed with it. Connect signs that shows its real (delusions of reference).

Also potential to Hallucinate experiences that show its real.

The mentally ill mind has capability to make false ideas come to life.
Thats been my experience anyway.

Because idiots latch onto misinformation and cause problems for people who aren’t idiots.


Sometimes the crazy people get things right, but a lot of the time not

Think it depends entirely on the subject you’re talking about

On youtube I see people degrading view points as being conspiracy

Obviously things like chemtrails and MMR vaccines causing ASD are in the territory of conspiracy

But don’t let that pool be widened to include anyone who might have a different opinion

So many things are polarised these days, and as such extreme language is being used too flippantly.

Sorry if this has already been said. I am too tired to read through


Totally agree. My first ever psychotic episode was triggered by an internet conspiracy theory that aligned with my fears, traumas, and isolation at the time. I remember it so clearly and it was the seed of [forbidden sorry brain stuff]. I wonder where would I be if I hadn’t seen that? Maybe something else would’ve set me off eventually, maybe not. I wish I’d known not to trust everything I read back then

These days I avoid conspiracy theory stuff like the plague because it sets me off every single time. They just get in my head so easily -_-

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Something is either true or false. If it’s true one should listen to it. But engaging with and listening to things that are obviously false for entertainment is bad. Leads to even more paranoia.

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You’re not making sense but okay dude. Please get some help

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Can you please explain what exactly you mean by this?

@Crazy did good job finding that article…
I’m not conspiracies fan, but do believe that some turn to be true.

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I think it’s just a false statement