Why can everyone else post pics but my laptop won't let me?

I try to copy photo’s off the web and get a bonging sound and it won’t let me copy and paste them. I used to be able to do it. Is every picture I happen to choose copyrighted? How to I post random pictures on here? I can’t even copy pictures from Flickr. I see you guys posting pictures alll the time. How do you do it? I have a MacBook Air.

Hmmm…I always upload my pics, gifs and whatnot. Never even tried copy/paste to post pics to be honest.


Using this upload button.

You of course have to save them to your hard drive first if you are going to use this method.

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Final Draft Essay #5.pdf (50.2 KB)


I don’t want to be telling you anything you already know, but if you right click on a pic on the internet you can pick “save as” and save it to your hard disk and then upload with the button I put the x on above.

Hmmm, let me try something here.

foxes pics - Google Search.pdf (919.5 KB)

Many photo sites disable photo copying or downloads. Flickr and Instagram do for sure. There are workarounds.

pic of bearded dragon - Google Search.pdf (1.2 MB)

Forget it, I can’t post pics.:frowning:

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Seems weird to me.

I just right click image and “ctrl c” then "ctrl v* on screen where I want to place it, for all my memes and stuff.

I’m sorry @77nick77 . I don’t know the answer to your problem, I guess. Maybe someone else will come along with a solution.

Youre trying to save them as a pdf … You cant upload pdfs here. That’s a document file type not an image file type. Just right click…save as…and make sure it’s a jpg. It may be your browser…some devices when on google I’ve seen block image saving for copyright reasons…idk why but not all devices

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Download the “Chrome” browser and try that instead of the apple “Safari” browser.


Yes that should fix it

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What does Control V do?

It’s the same as edit>paste

Ctrl c is edit>copy
Ctrl x is edit>cut
Ctrl v is edit>paste

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Oh! Ok. Thanks!

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