How do you post pictures?


There have been a few instances where I’ve wanted to post a pic before. I tried copying and pasting from my iPhone, but it didn’t work.

Does anyone know how to do this?





I’ve seen you post a few pics of your sis. Can you help me out?




Forum uses BBcode . This web page explains how to post picture using the code


I’m a Mac fan to the max. What I did was just drag the photo of my sis out of my iphoto application and on to my desktop and then drag it again from the desk top right into the reply post here. On the reply it looks like a punch of letters and numbers but on the post it shows up as the picture.

From Google directly… I think that one is a copy paste job. But again, on other sites, I drag the photo out to the desktop and then back into the application I’m working on.

Hope this helps.


Thanks guys! I think I understand now


She’s asked me to take a few of them down. LIke the baby picture and the one of her when she was three. Taking them down is easy too. Go to the post, hit the edit button and delete. I just found out, it shows up as a picture in the preview too. Looking forward to see what your going to post.

Couldn’t help it. An older brother has to be mischievous once in a while. :wink:


that is a funny and cute picture , your pictures you post make me smile .my nieces would love that costume, one of them is into purple unicorns .
take care