Why am I disliked?

I feel disliked and shunned by everyone too. But mine is real and not paranoia.


Mine is real too…

What are the facts that you are disliked?

a lot of people don’t even like them selfs

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I think you’re cool

I try to think of it like this. People have a right to dislike me and I consider that they have their own reasons. I’ve considered also that these same people who dislike me have some very dislike-able features themselves and are probably projecting that onto me, which indicates that they are not worth the time or energy worrying about.

this is so true Not everybody likes me or gets me I am ok with that I still keep on living my life and don’t let it get me down its impossible for one thing to have everyone like you

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I’m sure the people on the forum like you or most of them.

People don’t like me either.

I’m all alone in these neighbourhoods surrounded by a horrible stuck up arrogant hateful people.

Thankfully there are a few beautiful ones but majority are bullies that bully vibe me.

They look down at me n exclude me while pretending to include they are disrespectful and walk all over me n they are sooooo hostile vibing n horrible.

Not my kinda people and I don’t want them in my life yet I’m surrounded by them n some are “family”….:joy:

I turn the other cheek but they just keep hatin…


i’m disliked too. i need to figure out what i want to do, what i actually want other than to be loved by everyone…

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I like you you’re a good person

Hey hey, I just went to the shops and noticed people cough more around me, is that me being psychotic, though it literally happens right then and there. I’m seeking approval from strangers on the internet!

Any takers to help me out on this?

Edit if I’m thinking positive it’s ok, but sometimes doubt and the unknown creep in and that’s the cough that comes out. It’s pretty creepy that I cause so much attention.

Edit: it’s pretty much people I don’t nothing to do with also lol

Anyone in a similar situation. I’m here to help overcome it?

We are an exception!

Because we are not alike, the “normals.”

And that’s the reason.

Every normal person has stages of brain development as per their age.

If we dont fit in that stage of growth they don’t sink with our thoughts. Feels abandon and alone as no one understands.

Now we are here. Where all are collectively understanding one another.

So most probably there is nobody to dislike you here.