Who am I? Just a thought

As a person i am what i learned from others i am, what i learned by myself i am, what i want to be, what i deny i am. I am all of that.

If i have the power to chose what i am, and i do since as a person i can only accept things about myself which fit in with my view of myself, then why do i dislike some of those things?

It’s impossible to be anything else than what you are prone to be and what your self is capable of being, capable of accepting and capable of understanding about itself. So everything which characterize us is only what the self accepted.

But we still dislike things which are accepted by the self. We want to change them but why?

Those things are not good or bad but they’re naturally part of it since the self exists as a neutral thing and is made of traits and characteristics which were prone to be part of it in the first place.

Then why do we dislike things about us and want to change them ?
Why we won’t accept some things about us which are true ?

It’s this part of an unnatural type of evolution, some type of forced evolution done by society? What is accepted by it is seen as good what is not is seen as wrong so the humans change themselfs to be part of it because not changing would mean exclusion.

But how did it all started and how does it works? It’s not done consciously but it’s done somehow by each one of us.

Is it a distorted view of how we should behave around others or it’s a distorted view of how we should be?

If it is why is it happening and why we want to change? If the self exists without being good or wrong what makes us see this distinction? Since this distinction exists and it’s universal we are bound to follow it.

Am i making a bit of sense?

I’ve watched a lot of debates and have seen people in journalism give multiple view points destroying arguments and what I learned is the hardest people to debate are children before they get indoctrinated by schooling. Everything you explain to this mentioned child they reply with WHY, they do this over and over till the person explaining doesn’t have an answer this is also known as the Socratic method. We are hard wired for finding truth. Lately I’ve been studying Epistemic arguments that deal with knowledge and how a person knows if something is true or not. For every argument someone makes you would simply reply, how do you know that’s true, then they answer and you ask them again, so how do you know that’s true? Eventually they will have no answer. It leads to an infinite regress. Good things.


Our personality is mostly adopted from our parents and peers, its all been passed down through the generations depending on society at the time, i know my Grandad had a nice disposition as did my Dad and so do i and my Mother keeps me on my toes, My sister is a bit more mellow and her kids are pretty decent despite only having their Mum growing up.

If i could i would love to have a family and pass on the good traits that i have as a person. If they develop MI then i will be well equipped to deal with that and hopefully it will not be too bad, but its all supposition anyway.

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You can choose.

I choose to be an outsider.

I can’t pass. But I’m okay with it. Be your own self.

Also I think you can be in the middle - part of society and also out of it.

Ultimately I am self-aware star dust.

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You are who you are i believe… a unique soul.
Noone knows your true name but you and God.
But youre defined by others by what you do: your action.

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