Who likes their parents?


I love my parents too. They are getting old and hopefully I won’t be a burden to them.
I pray the best for them.

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I had a fantastic dad and great grandma from mom’s side and a mom who cared very deeply about all of us.

they were from the “old country” and holocaust survivors but we all knew we were loved; so even if they didn’t quite understand what goes on in society here in US where we lived the love carried us through.

all my siblings are wonderful people and despite my sz I am trying to keep up with them.




I like my parents but they did a bad job at parenting. My father was never there for me and when i was first developing sz negative symptoms he didnt understand it and literally hated me. Nowadays i live with him and he has become a more open minded person because of this, so i like him because i get to talk to him like a real person. Almost like a peer, not a father. We offer advise to eachother and support.

My mother i havent talked to for two years because she was horrible to me. But a week ago i called her and it was like she was a totally different person and actually apologized for her past wrongs which i never thought would happen. So far the relationship is going quite well because she believes in me and acknowledges that i have struggles and respects my decisions.

Basically everyone gets screwed up by their parents. I wouldnt trust my advise since im a 21 year old but i think the important thing is to teach them lessons theyll remember when theyre adults. And consistentsy and avoiding hypocrisy is good too. Ive seen it in my family that too many of the younger ones are being told there special and so smart and that makes them slack and give up when things get tough. Happened to all of them that were told they were smart. So instead of telling them there something special you should teach them to work hard and the skill of forming habits. Really id say teaching kids soft skills is the most important thing. Prepare them to live on their own and take care of themselves and make goals that they stick too. Because like i said, emotionally, its pretty hard not to make mistakes.

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They had parents too who were not perfect in their own ways. And they are not perfect. I do not think we live in a perfect world.



I love my mother, she is a wonderful person, she raised me on her own from age 9. My father on the other hand was an alcoholic, I don’t have fond memories of him, he did save us from the 1987 Black Friday tornado though



I love my parents very much.

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My parents were great. We didn’t have much money but in terms of emotional support and guidance we were mightily rich! I still have a great family.

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Find a few good online communities and you’ll be set. FB, as awful as it is, is great for this. I don’t have family to ask for help or advice. I didn’t grow up in a happy home.

Also, look into Healthy Families if you have it in your area. Mine does birth to 3 years. They come over to my house for an hour a week and teach me stuff about parenting. It’s been super helpful.



I’m not sure how I feel about my dad. He neglected us, hit us for stupid stuff (I once got a spanking for spilling my orange juice), and, eventually, abandoned us. He treats his new family better than he ever treated us. He got married to the woman that hated us. We found out from our mom who I think found out on Facebook. I love my mother to death though. Wouldn’t trade her for the world.



I have very good parents. We clashed sometimes but that’s normal. With my own kids I want them to feel that they can tell me anything and I won’t lose it. I tell them every day that I love them. I do little things like picking up their favorite snack. I try not to drag them into the craziness in my head. When they are at their dad’s place I text them every day about their day at school just so they know I’m thinking about them. A happy kid means a happy mom. I never get bored of having them around.



Well, like the cliché says, raising kids doesn’t come with an owners manual. It’s hard to give advice-because— I’ve never had kids! I imagine there’s a million details and a million wrong paths you can go down raising them. My parents did all right, us kids have some pretty good values and me and my sisters turned out to be pretty nice people.

I’ll just tell you one thing not to do. Sometimes when it comes to discipline, the parents have to be a united front. When I was in high school, one of the biggest running arguments was me not wanting to wash dishes after dinner. I hated washing dishes and did anything to get-out of doing them including arguing and fighting with my mom. But my dad never supported my mom in this situation. My mom would scream and yell at me but my dad would just ignore it and keep watching TV. Or even worse, to stop the arguing he would do them himself. This caused nightly fights. And my dad never sided with my mom and the bigger picture is that my dad did not like disciplining us kids ever so it was left up to my mom to always be the bad guy with no help from my dad and it always made him look like the good guy.

This caused problems all through their marriage. I will actually say one thing more that I learned from my sister as I saw her raise my two nephews. Kids will constantly push your limits to see what they can get away with. That’s just the way kids are. But actually, kids want their parents to be firm and set boundaries. They will disobey and misbehave but they want two good examples in the household to set them straight and just be in charge.

You can ask a million people what’s their philosophy is about raising kids and get a million different answers. You learn what works as you go along I guess, on-the-job training.

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Ha! No.

No way. They did teach me to clean stuff though.

I think the most important part is that you actually like your kid.



my parents…are my best friends. they are the most independent people i know.



Everyone, you’ve given me some great advice. I’m learning lots in class, too. I’m starting to feel more prepared for this.



It seems too hard for me to think of anything positive to say about either of them.

Not trying to be a downer. I’m actually trying to think of something to say.

Only thing is is that my mom works her butt off.

I had a dream of having a kid myself but wondering how to do the parenting thing right seems like a real stessor.

Seems like it can be hell no matter what you do.

All I can do is try not to fall into destructive and toxic tendencies they did and live better/happier.

I’m still thinking of having a kid potentially. But my major concern is being mentally and financially stable first.

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I love my parents but I feel like I failed them I knew better and made bad choices now am 35 and haven’t accomplished anything and it’s sad

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Wish I could support them more. But I am still working on supporting myself mainly.

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Love my mom, strongly dislike my dad.



I love my mom and dad…my step dad was really more of a father to me but he died and I’m left with my biological dad…I look just like him I even laugh like him…scares people at movies when we synchronize our laughters…I am closer to my mom…I wish my dad would have spent more time with us as kids…I was raised by both sets of my grandparents until I was six. dad was always either in med school growing up or working in hospitals once my mom left my dad for cheating, my dad wrote off me and my brother and sister. then there enters my step dad after dad left. the best thing my step dad did was to love us new children like his own…always supporting us when we needed things…hope this helped.



Eh, no. My approach to parenting is often to think of what my mother would have done and then turn it 180. Been working for seventeen years.